Tomorrowland 2015 movie Review


This is one of those movies which will put a smile on your face within 5 minutes of the beginning, and it will make you think about it long after it ends. Tomorrowland is an exhibit of a world without politics, red tape…bureaucracy. It is a land where anything is possible, and it looks amazing. Britt Robertson in the lead is quite good, but Raffey Cassidy as Athena steals the show, shining even in scenes with veteran Clooney. This kid is a star! The sequences of Casey catching glimpses of Tomorrowland when she touches the pin are brilliantly executed and they are awesome(my 2nd fav place right now after Hogwarts (: )! But it is a letdown that there isn’t much more of that later. The movie falls abruptly into storytelling mode after that and keeps explaining stuff till the end! I mean, yeah, tachyons are pretty nifty things, but we fell in love with Tomorrowland because of the gleaming skyscrapers, gravity-defying trains, jetpacks, and I really did miss that in the second half. Well, I do hope there’s a sequel to this, and we get to see much more of the future, because anything is possible!!!


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