Jurassic World – A Review


Jurassic World pays a lot of homages to Jurassic Park. So let’s get that out of the way! This movie wastes no time going over other subplots but takes you directly to the Park (or is it the World now?!)

You have all watched the trailers, and you all know that this kid and his brother go on a trip to Jurassic World, and turns out that they are both nephews of Claire Dennings (Bryce Dallas Howard), the Park Operations Manager. This movie takes place on Isla Nublar where Jurassic Park was staged. The old park also makes a fleeting appearance in this movie. Irrfan (Simon Masrani) is one of the richest men on the Earth and he practically owns InGen, and he is the one who still has the dream of John Hammond alive in his eyes. Well, we are greeted with lots of (Samsung) displays in (ahem…!) the ‘Samsung Innovation Centre’, and when the camera zooms in on a kid brushing dust out of dinosaur bones, God, I miss Sam Neill & Laura Dern! Mercedes has become synonymous with this franchise and no surprises there. All the 4 wheelers in the Park are Mercs. Chris Pratt likes Coca Cola, but probably you do too! So, yeah, lots of product placements, but none too awkward(I still try putting that Oracle branding in a media truck in Iron Man 3).

Soon, we are greeted by a few people in suits and, no, while they are not lawyers, they are the PR team from Verizon who want to sponsor an animal, and (drumroll!!!) we are greeted to the Indominus Rex. People who are on Verizon, be warned, not the least due to the fact that the Park has bad reception!

Anyways, with that out of the way, we are introduced to Star Lord (oops), I meant Chris Pratt, who is sort of the ringmaster for raptors, and then hell (or should I say Indominus Rex) breaks loose.

The movie is a fun ride but I need to make a few observations. Kids nowadays get scared easily compared to those from ’93. I mean, yeah, they are acting, but Jurassic Park had much more thrills and suspense than this one. We are reminded this is a sequel, sometimes when they turn up the original Jurassic Park theme, sometimes by familiar faces like Henry Wu.

Last time, Dennis Nedry (the computer guy), had a nefarious agenda. This time also, there is a subplot, which opens the storyline to possible sequels, but does not really go anywhere in this movie.

It is a lot to demand of a movie when you put it alongside a movie that you grew up loving, but Jurassic World tries, and partly succeeds, in holding its own.

The kids at the plex enjoyed the movie, and I dare say I would too, if I hadn’t watched Jurassic Park first. And yeah, if any of the people who worked on this movie are reading this, I do prefer the T. Rex to the Indominus. The T. Rex still rules!


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