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Inbox by GMail : A Review

It’s already November the 3rd here. The Android Lollipop update has not yet arrived on my Nexus 5, but Google was kind enough to send me an invite for their new app, Inbox by Gmail. And these last few days, I have been testing the app. Along with the app, you can also access inbox.google.com, the web interface, once you receive the invite. So here is what I think about it.

We all like updates and the new features/enhancements they bring with them. Changes in the background, performance tweaks, power enhancements – are all well and good, but these rarely are even noticed by the average phone user. However, if there are UI enhancements, a few drool-worthy new icons here, a new launch animation there, a new theme somewhere, and you have everyone hooked. That is what Android 5.0 Lollipop brings to the table. This is perhaps the biggest UI overhaul since Android was launched. We all are eagerly waiting for this update, but to keep us satiated, Google has been busy pushing updates to major Google apps for the last few weeks. Personally, I love the latest Play Music update, and I love the Inbox app as well.

Screenshot_2014-11-03-21-53-00 - Copy             Screenshot_2014-11-03-21-51-22 - Copy

I don’t know how much smoother things will look with the 60fps animations of Lollipop, but the animations still look flawless and smooth on my Nexus 5 running Android 4.4.4 KitKat. Setting up the Inbox app is a breeze, and Google does all the heavy-lifting by itself, sorting all of your mails and grouping them, so that you get reminders of the next flight you got to take, the shipping of your package from your favourite etailer, and so on.

Screenshot_2014-11-03-21-52-27 - Copy             Screenshot_2014-11-03-21-52-49 - Copy

If you need to mark the message as done, just slide from left-to-right. If you want to be reminded about the message, just slide from left-to-right and you can specify a time after which you will be reminded about the message again. Touching the big red ‘+’ button on the lower right of the screen presents several options, one of which is a reminder option. Yes, Google Keep still has its place, but I have stopped using Keep for reminders now!

Screenshot_2014-11-03-21-51-42 - Copy             Screenshot_2014-11-03-21-51-16 - Copy

Pressing the 3 horizontal lines on the left side opens up another sliding menu which lists all the grouped headings. Also find a GooglePlus – esque background behind your profile picture! The app looks very polished, and I love running stock Android on my phone. Request an invite from http://www.google.com/inbox